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The Ultimate
Quartz Infrared Heater

June 15,2010

Congratulations! Ruwach Design, LLC was selected as a 2010 Innovation Michigan Award finalist.

Ruwach Design LLC was invited to a luncheon with the President of Burundi Africa. 9-24-2011

Quartz infrared heater of the future : ION1500 - 8 Pounds.




ION Infrared Heating Systems

By Tom Krapp


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ION1500                                                      ION500


Executive Summary

Ruwach Design LLC is a Michigan-based product design company focused on renewable energy technology and the creator of ION, a revolutionary new electric infrared space heater.

The Opportunity

The steady rise in fuel costs over the last several years has led many people to look for alternate ways to heat their homes. Supplemental heat systems like space heaters have never been in such high demand.

The Problem

Many electric heaters on the market run at dangerous temperatures, are inefficient, and do not heat the air evenly. This can cause respiratory problems related to dryness and safety issues with children and pets. Newer quartz infrared heaters tend to be expensive and large in size.

Benefits of Infrared Heating

Infrared heaters are one of the safest and best performing types of heater. Humidity in the atmosphere absorbs heat energy at the same peak frequency spectrum as medium wave infrared. This causes the water in the air to carry infrared heat to a greater degree than other types of heat. Similar to the greenhouse effect, the result is that heat is dispersed very evenly in the room. Infrared heaters do not remove moisture from the air like forced air furnaces and other combustion systems. This makes them much more healthy and comfortable.

The Solution

The ION is up to 10% more powerful and energy efficient than similar heaters and provides an effective way to provide comfort and lower heating costs. It is 70% smaller and has 75% fewer parts than the nearest competitors and has a lower corresponding production and shipping cost.


Several models and sizes have been developed for different applications:

•  1500 watt and 500 watt plug-in portable units.
•  1000 and 2000 watt direct wire built-in wall models.
•  Build-ins for Boats, RVs, and Electric cars.



Whats the difference?

Patent Pending preheat system

The ION heater has a patent pending airflow system that heats air gradually through a system of preheat chambers. These chambers provide an insulating layer of hot air, which helps to maintain the core temperature of the heater more efficiently. This insulating effect also allows a very small size while still maintaining safety standards. It is completely cool to the touch at the highest setting and 70% smaller than the nearest competitors.


ION Advantages:

•  Performance and Energy Savings

The ION raises the temperature in a room faster than any other heater watt per watt.

•  Small size

The ION is 70% smaller than its nearest competitors. It is one of the most powerful compact electric heaters in the world. At less than 8 lbs, it can be placed on shelves and countertops.

•  Configuration and Style

In some models, the IONs air intake and exit are both on the front of the unit. This allows it to be placed in tight corners or tucked into bookshelves up against the wall. In a different configuration the ION can be mounted between studs for a permanent wall installation. The ION has a unique outer shell design that can be easily replaced by the consumer with a customization option, colors, textures, team logos, etc.

•  Infrared heat

Infrared heat does not dry out the air like other types of heat, which has several health benefits.

•  Easy maintenance

The front grill or outer shell is removable with a few screws and snap in connectors make changing the emitters easy.

•  Low manufacturing cost

The main components of the heater are designed to lock together quickly during manufacturing, which removes the need for many fasteners. It has 70% to 80% less parts than the leading competitor and the small size uses less materials. It has been optimized for low production cost.

•  Safety

The IONs output temperature is well below the combustible temperatures of household items. This is partly why it heats so well without removing the moisture from the air. Despite its small size, the housing remains cool to the touch at the highest setting. It also contains an overheat sensor for added safety, and it can function horizontally or vertically with its specially designed emitter.

Development and Licensing

US Provisional Patent application 61/270,091 filed 7/6/2009

US Utility Patent application 12/718,228 filed 3/5/2010

Canadian application filed 7/6/2010

The ION heater has been in development for over four years. During which time it has gone through several prototyping runs and field-testing with a number of customers.

The ION has not been UL tested but it has been built to UL standard 1278 for electric space heaters.

Real world test data:

From the inventors home:

2007/2008 heating season with propane / $3,180.52 total / $13.25 average per day (240 days)
2008/2009 heating season with ceramic electric / $1,326.07 total / $5.43 average per day (244 days)
2009/2010 heating season with ION / $548.39 total / $2.26 average per day (243 days)
One heating season with ION compared to propane: $2,632.13 total savings / $11 savings per day. Conditions were monitored and recorded twice daily on an excel spreadsheet. The heat in the home was maintained consistently throughout the testing.

Company Credentials

From 1990-1998 High T.E.K. Models designed, manufactured, marketed and sold radio-controlled model aircraft all over the world. High T.E.K. Models have been featured in International magazines, at air shows, and in tradeshows.

More recently interest has expanded into the renewable energy technology and the creation of the ION product line, a revolutionary new electric infrared space heater.

Recognition of the ION product line:

2010 Innovation Michigan Award Finalist
Special Invitation & Presention to President of Burundi Africa, 9/24/2011



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